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Colour: Black with Red/Orange Accents

Type: Bumper-Pull, Step-Up Load (not a ramp load)

Age/Brand: Unknown - Ownership says HomeMade (Approx 10-15 yrs old). It's not HomeMade but they write that on an ownership when the original ownership has been lost.

Inside Height: 6'10" with floor mats in - 6'11' without the floor mats (82"-83")

Inside Width: 4'10" wide (58")

Inside Length from front of horses nose to tail: 9' long (108")

Inside Length from horses chest to tail: 6' long (72")

Brakes: There are plates for brakes on this trailer but they will need shoes & pads, and will need to be hooked up to the wiring of the trailer

Wiring: All in Excellent/Working Condition


  • 4 Brand New Tires - Just Purchased End of January, 2002 - Trailer has only been used for 4 hours since new tires were installed.
  • Removeable/Swingable Partition.
  • Sturdy Partition Between the Horses Heads Upfront.
  • Rubber Floor Mats
  • Front Escape Door on Right Side
  • Sliding Windows for Air Ventilation
  • This trailer tows soooooo smoothly and sooooooo quietly,  empty or full, you forget it's even back there
  • Interior Lights for Night-Time Loading/Trailering
  • Strong Hay/Tie Hooks Upfront

    Location: HCW in Cameron, just north of Lindsay

    Price: $2500 Canadian OBO

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