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Special Thanks To:

My Husband, My Parents & My Inlaws

Jack, Wendy, Brianna & Krista McKay

Laurel Gould

Dr. Mary Jo Calarco

Shirley Waddell

Sarah Campbell

Judy & Gary Traynor

Dorothea Hill

Odette Banton-Jones

Greenhawk - Barrie

Jen Sornberger

Yvonne DeGraff

Marianne Buck

Amanda Bedard

Tracie Bliss

Joy Photography

Beth Renaud

Deanna Ramsay

Susan Sinnott

Beth Underhill

Back in the Saddle

Jan Garnett

Lore Hanske

Ken & Laura Carson

Diane Young/Whispering Pines

Kelly Wallace

Melisa Campbell

Justine McKague

Gail Oliver, Ron Sinclair & Family

Anne Tabak

Kate Thurston

Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd.

To all the families and individuals who have adopted and/or fostered a horse or pony through HCW over the past 5 years

And to all the families and individuals who chose to donate or sell a horse or pony to HCW over the past 5 years, rather than sending them to an auction or shipping to slaughter.

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