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Heaven Can Wait Equine Rescue


Fundraiser Event

Date: April 27, 2002

Location:Barkeys (Toad Hall) in Claremont, Ontario at 1658 Pickering/Uxbridge Townline (just East of Stouffville).

Directions from the South: Take 401 to Ajax, then go North on Hwy 1 (Brock Road) up to Pickering/Uxbridge Townline, Turn Left when you see the Toad Hall Auction Sign, Head West for about 1/2 mile, it's on the Left hand side #1658

Directions from the North: Take Hwy 21 to Coppin's Corners, then go South on Hwy 1 down to Pickering/Uxbridge Townline, Turn Right when you see the Toad Hall Auction Sign, Head West for about 1/2 mile, it's on the Left hand side #1658

Time: 9am-5pm


  • All of the HCW horses & ponies will be trailered to this event - they are all up for adoption and will be available for viewing although they will not be allowed to go to new homes that day - adoption forms can be filled and if approved arrangements can be made for adoption at a later date.
  • Massage Demonstrations by Equine Massage Therapist Lauri Bradley
  • Chiropractic Demonstrations by Equine Chiropractor Dr. Mary Anne Staples
  • Braiding Demonstrations
  • Draws/Raffles/Fundraisers
  • Thousands of items of TACK FOR SALE. New & Used. Including english & western tack, saddles, riding apparel, grooming items, blankets and much more.
  • Horse Related Books for Sale by Deanna Ramsay, Bookseller.
  • Horse Related Gifts & Artwork for Sale by Janet Griffin-Scott.
  • Horse Related Gifts, Embroidery, Quilts & Clothing for Sale by Sew Horsey.
  • Horse Treats for Sale by Mairzy Doats.

Volunteers & Donations (monetary or tack) gratefully accepted & needed!!!


Please email or call Claire Malcolm if you have any questions or would like to help out in some way: 705-359-3766



For the Rescue Horses:
- New Halters (Various Sizes)
- New Cotton Lead Ropes (Without Chain)
- New Haynets

For the Tack Booth:
- New & Used, English & Western, Bridles, Other Tack, Halters, Lead Ropes, Saddles, Saddle Pads, Blankets, Bits, Riding Apparel, Grooming Supplies, Buckets - and anything else you are willing to donate!!!!!

For the Draw/Raffle:
- A few nice new items so that we can raffle off a few prizes - should be horse related - so far we have ....
1) Mairzy Doats Gift Basket (value $52+)


We need volunteers to help with the following.....

- will need some donations of sell-able foods/snacks/drinks such as pop, juice, tea, coffee, sandwiches, chips, chocolate bars, cookies, muffins, donuts, napkins, straws, etc
- will need help with selling these items behind the counter
- will need help with food preparations (such as putting sandwiches together, etc)
- we could offer hot dogs & hamburgers for sale if someone has a BBQ to bring and is willing to be the chef for the day (or perhaps a couple of people can take turns??)
Volunteers: Pam Oakes

- will need one or more people to sit at this table all day, it cannot be left unattended
- there will be the donation jar at this table as well as the prizes for the draw and the draw tickets, ticket box, etc - you must be willing to sell lots of tickets at this table - so you can't be shy!!!
Volunteers: Wanda Koning

- will need lots of help with setting up the tack for sale at the beginning of the day, and helping pack up at the end of the day - there is going to be ALOT of tack, i will be bringing a whole trailer load full plus hopefully we will get some donated tack as well!!!
- will need help with running the tack booth, helping people find a particular item or size, keeping things organized, etc
Volunteers: Kim Wallace

- Each Horse will need it's own handler, possibly even 2 handlers - the handlers will be responsible for looking after that particular horse throughout the day - grooming it, taking it for walks in the arena, bringing it hay & water, cleaning out it's stall, etc

- Here is a list of the Horses & Ponies that will be attending the sale (unless they are adopted out prior to the sale). If you are interested in being a handler for one of the horses or ponies below please email me and I will mark your name down beside the horses name - serious inquiries only - I don't want all the handlers cancelling on me at the last minute or not showing up, we will be counting on you - and you will need to be at the sale early to help get "your horse" ready! There may be some changes made to the list below over the next few weeks so please be sure to keep checking back on a regular basis. I will also make a list here of things you need to bring that day, so be sure to check back.

Franni - Courtney Hayden
Ruddy - Ashley Jenner
Razz - Kiersten Allore
Spirit - Beth Renaud*
Cuddles - Lindsay Gordon
Jimmy - Christina Teixeira
Dan - Nicole Sharpe*
Fancy - Jessica Hancock & Jenni Wardell
Friday - Beth Hancock
Taryan - Yvonne DeGraff
Trooper - Lorna Shipley
Dancer - Andrea Parkin*
Warick - Miranda Thompson
Toby - Michelle Stableford
Bonnie - Ashley Lewis*
Simba - Krista McKay
Spanky - Brianna McKay
... and who ever else arrives at the rescue between now and April 27th
Extra Hands: Joanne Duffy, Courtney Cotter, Audrey Cheung, Theresa Detsikas, Becky & Jen Koning, Carrie Ferrill, Karen & Paul Simmons.....

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