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- trailering
- de-pooping the fields and paddocks
- de-weeding the fields and paddocks
- de-rocking the fields and paddocks
- cleaning the barn & run-in shelter
- cleaning & organizing the hayloft so we can get the winter hay & straw in
- finishing building fences that we started a few weeks ago
- build a lean-to for each small paddock
- build a large lean-to for big field
- paint new fences
- clean water & feed buckets
- groom the horses
- handling the young or nerous horses/ponies
- ride the horses
- bath the horses
- wash down inside of the horse trailer
- if you are a blacksmith, vet, equine message therapist, etc - feel free to donate your services
- make up business cards & brochures
- distribute business cards & brochures
- place an ad in your local newspapers
- I am sure there are many other little jobs to do that I can't think of at this time.....


Heaven Can Wait Equine Rescue is desperately seeking donations of new and/or used horse tack, riding apparel & supplies. HCW needs everything and anything, if we can't use it for the rescue horses and ponies, we will sell it, and use the $$ to buy things they do need. Riding Apparel of any kind is very easily sellable, so we gratefully accept all of it, regardless of it's condition. Please don't worry if the stuff you are sending is dirty or ripped or missing a button, please send it anyways! A few main tack & supplies that we could use are: halters, leads, grooming supplies, feed & water buckets, fly masks, fly spray, fly sheets, winter blankets, summer sheets, splint boots, polos, saddles, pony-size items, saddle pads, bridles, bits, girths, shipping boots, double-end snaps, vitamin mineral supplements, feed, de-wormers, hay, straw, fencing, water troughs, gates, stalls, and the list goes on.
Please mail items to:

Heaven Can Wait Equine Rescue
c/o Claire Malcolm
95 Cameron Rd
Cameron, Ontario
K0M 1G0

For the larger items, please call or email me to arrange for delivery or pick-up. Thanks so much.

We also gratefully accept Monetary Donations, Gift Certificates, Canadian Tire Money, etc. Please make payable to "Claire Malcolm"

I also sell non-donated tack on EBAY (tack that I have purchased myself) and a portion of the profits go directly to HCW Equine Rescue. To see what Tack I have for sale go to and search for seller name "horsenut2" (in lower case) and see my list of new & used tack for sale. The list changes weekly so bookmark that page. If you have any items you would like to donate to the rescue for me to sell, please see note above. Thanks.

We also accept HAY (round or square), Shavings, sweet feed, crunch, carrots, apples, etc.

We gladly invite No-cost & low-cost help from Blacksmiths, Vets, etc

...Please contact us for details/instructions on how to drop off, mail or help with any of the above. Thanks. Click on the following link if you would like to send a payment online via PayPal....


Once these wonderful horses and ponies are ready to go, we begin to look for suitable loving homes for them. Most of them are ready to be adopted out, but some will need fostering until they are ready for adoption. Would you be interested in becoming an Adoptive Parent or Foster Parent for one of these needy rescued equines? Feel free to contact me for details on how you can open your heart & barn to one or more of these equines and offer them permanent loving homes or temporarily until new adoptive homes can be found. At this point we are only "fostering" to local families. Adopted or Fostered horses and ponies CANNOT be sold or given away under any circumstances. They must always be returned to HCW. I do not want to lose track of any of these horses. Adoption fees will be refunded.

We have started a Sponsoring Program for people that want to help care for a specific horse. You can sponsor a pony or horse of your choice for 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, etc up to a year, which you pay a monthly or yearly donation for ($20.00 or more per month). The average horse costs $100 a month for feed alone (this does not include other costs such as vet, blacksmith, de-worming, blankets, fly spray, supplements, etc). You can help as much or as little as you want. You can send blankets, fly masks, grooming kit, $ for feed, etc. We will send you details, updates & photos of your adopted horse/pony during that time. You get to chose which horse/pony you want to adopt and if during your adoption time, the horse/pony has been adopted out from HCW, you can choose another horse/pony. Email me for more details! Here is a list of the long-term residents here at HCW that are really in need of a sponsor:
Franni, Freckles, Robin, Spirit, Misty, Razz, Cuddles, Bear, Pepper, Velvet, Crash Bang & Houdini (Harry).,

HCW Equine Rescue always welcomes VOLUNTEERS with open arms! Perhaps you can volunteer by assisting with trailering of these equines home from auctions, or to their new adoptive or foster homes?? If you have a reliable trailer and would be willing to be a volunteer driver, please email me, I'd love to hear from you.
You may also volunteer your time if you are local and want to come and spend time with the rescued horses/ponies.. handling them, feeding them, grooming them, leading & tying them, some are able to be ridden, some need to be broke, stalls to be cleaned, buckets to be washed, there's always lots to do and we welcome your help. If you are not local and would like to volunteer your time, perhaps you could post our newsletters at feed stores & tack shops near you.

Heaven Can Wait Equine Rescue
c/o Claire Malcolm
95 Cameron Rd
Cameron, Ontario, K0M 1G0

Phone: 705-359-3766
Fax: 705-359-3769


Horses/Ponies Waiting for adoption

Horses/Ponies Adopted